Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pot, the potential harvest . . .

from all the news about role model athletes suddenly being caught using pot to relax is arousing an amazing response from a wide spectrum of adults across the country and in the blogosphere. Take this one for example, which I found at my site this morning. It would appear that the vast underground of pot smokers is finally ready to join their brethren by coming out of the grow lit closet. It has already been noted that the overwhelming change asked for at is for the President to change the federal position in regard to the legalization of pot. And even though the response there was negative in one sense, "the President is not in favor", in quite another it was positive, as to enforcement the DEA will be instructed to stand down from its raids on medical marijuana distributors. One can only hope.

Meanwhile, my favorite story about this issue is from Japan where a group of Sumo wrestlers have been allegedly suspended for using pot to enhance their appetites.

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