Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday morning sit down, #1

Sunday morning and I am posed to answer two questions: what do I do about the fact that T came home from her workshop yesterday with her expectations blown all out of proportion and what do I do about the severe doubts I have that my blogging at wordpress is ever going to get anywhere? I know, this is the same question I was facing last summer when I last posted here. So 50 posts into the thing and I feel, no I know, it is not working.

Meanwhile, back to the T problem. See the day long series of workshops she went to on Saturday were all of the motivational type. Fire up the audience with platitudes, send'em out into the lobby to purchase your books, cds, dvds and programs, and your work is done. Your success is in the selling not the doing circle which is where it gets confusing because your book, cd, dvd, etc., is always about how if the reader just follows your plan millionairedness is bound to happen. Of course, no one is supposed to notice that your success is tied to the catchy catch phrase you have used to sell your program - Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Chicken Soup for the Soul, the Millionaire Next Door, etcetera, etcetera . . .

So she's all fired up, goals laid out, $200,000 in this quarter, a million by year's end. (And I am not against setting goals) But what happens to being realistic when the person presenting the idea is really just another new car salesman in motivational speaker's clothing? Wait, aren't they all used new car salespersons? Yes, but that is the subject of another rant.

Meanwhile, here are five things you can do to wean your love from her excessive belief in trusting these mortals:

  1. Let her talk, or him if it is a he. Talk is good for letting things out where the mind can hear them and sometimes even notice the discrepancies. It also lets you listen and possibly come up with something to say that clarifies and edifies without making you the negative one.

  2. Fix dinner. I know sounds useless right? But people actually forget to eat, or worse eat just junk food, at these events. Who knows, this might even be a part of the sales pitch? Anyway, give your partner some good home cooking to help level the energy and support their having been hard at it all day.

  3. Spend some time looking at the books, etc., that were brought home to help her or him on their way to reaching that workshop goal of being the best millionaire you can be. Ask honest and clarifying questions about them without trying to argue their mertits.

  4. Oh by the way, don't be scarastic, like I am prone to be.

  5. And finally, be willing to accept whatever she or he learned as something of value to your partner, especially if after following all four steps above, some of it makes useful sense.

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