Saturday, August 12, 2006

This world is . . .

This world is what? Crap, crappy, ugly in its My-ness. Although, maybe I shouldn't say that since Google bought ad space on "MySpace". But still, it's crap because it seems to me that everything that is going on these days is about the "MY" generation. Especially if you define the word generation as meaning all of us who were alive starting at a particular time. I know that this generation started before 9/11 with the selfishness that grew so abundantly in the 90's but that event is what triggered this tremendous sense of vulnerability that is at the core of this "My Generation". I am reminded of the quivering reply to criticism "but this is how I feel." If I can get clinical here, this "My-ness" is at the heart of the denial mechanism that represents current American thought. We're not in Iraq for the Iraquis. We're not in favor of Homeland Security measures to protect others. We want "MySpace"protected. So we can go on and on and on saturating ourselves in the media, the reality of tv, and the protection that we have convinced ourselves and have been told that we need.

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