Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bloggers . . .

are cool. I've been discovering this as I use the random "next blog" button. Whether someone is commenting back or not, bloggers are still writing, journaling, putting their thoughts in a bottle and sending them out for someone to find and maybe respond to. I love the links you find and the art work. The ability of some of these correspondents to manipulate images is wonderful to behold. The internet is infinite, is space, is the final frontier. Thanks fellow voyagers.


etain_lavena said...

Is that how you found me? If you ever want to read some of my stories....check out my blood on my soul blog:)...only if you wanna.

Anonymous said...

there are so many fantastic people out here in blogland.
I think out of all the Internet websites, blogspot has many fine people and writers.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.