Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sometimes you just have to say

This day I just have to say that I that my mood is more than reflective. I blog on even though I haven't made a connection with anyone. So more and more this becomes my journal. I used to try and write for ten minutes without stopping to think what would come out. I'd compose pieces of poems and parts of deep thoughts. I'd comment about books and music. Like today I should say something about the tremendous new music I bought. But first I should say how it all began. I was checking my email and found an offer from a promotion firm to win an apple Ibook. So what I thought, and entered the survey which turned out to be a series of questions leading to a set of offers for selling me everything from credit cards to cds. So I joined a music service www.bmgmusicservice.com offering me 10 free cds if I'd sign up to buy one. Now I'm sitting here listening to a mix that includes Dido's Life for rent, www.futureforests.com/dido, Keb Mo's self titled Keb Mo, and Kindred Spirits, a tribute to the songs of Johnny Cash.


A Fashionista said...

I got two cds for Christmas one is Evanescence's new one & the other is Leaves Eyes cd called Lovelorn.
They are gothish. I normally never listened to this stuff, but I lost my mom & I just went to the darker side of music. Acoustic black Mississippi blues, flamenco of southern Spain & goth.

R said...

Once I hear music, and by that I mean the melody that makes music, I can't let it go. This explains why I still have records, and tapes even though the media is now MP3 and IPod!. Recently, I've been reading a novel called Los Angeles in which the main character is an albino who uses the dvd of Blade Runner as background music. Rachel's Song. Now that's goth like to me.