Sunday, May 16, 2004

Well, what can I say, the pages of the LA Times are loaded with the catastrophe that is Iraq. And the defenders of the American way are at bay, and all I can think about seriously is Fisher's 0.4 shot and the effort of the Laker team that I saw exhibited in the last four games. I know that I am avoiding reality in doing this but I find myself on some secret level really glad that I can do it. Because you and I know, that really things, are not okay. Things like the politics of the world, the business of the world aren't going to disappear or somehow change into a reality where what we actually should have learned from all of our so called human progress will bring us to a peaceful cessation of our constant wars with each other. I think I actually believe we should elect to be the real country that stands for peace and the progress of humankind. If we are going to sacrifice our young in war, why not instead put our selves on the line for peace. Put away our weapons. Live up to our own ban on weaponry of mass destruction by putting down our own first. In a word, prove what we mean by example.

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