Sunday, May 30, 2004

Today's LA Times (pg.A7) reports that the death of Pat Tillman was the result of "friendly fire" and that this information was/is available in an "unclassified executive summary". I have to believe that this is not NEW info but was available at the time of Tillman's death. Since this is true, I have to ask what kind of political game is being played and who is being served by this deception? His death was praised as the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate American sacrifice (he gave up millions) and we, the American public, were allowed to participate in the orgy of public breast beating that ensued. How could this happen? How does it continue to happen that our prison warders, our politicians, our corporate leaders; everyone it sometimes seems; act as though they can continuously get away with lying about what they're doing? If media matters and has a responsibility, it has to be to accurately report the truth regardless of the political ramifications.

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