Friday, June 19, 2009

And the war goes on . . .

Which war you ask? And I answer. The war that gives those in power the excuse to keep on making war while civilian men, women, and children take the brunt. The war that takes the resources we could use to actually save lives and build a better world and uses them to destroy that world. The war that keeps on creating victims who become soldiers with a reason to hate the world that took away their ordinary life and replaced it with death. The war that the politicos justify by explaining over and over again the amount of fear we need to have of the terrorist tendancies of our enemies. The war that gives all those people who support it jobs and a reason to keep on making war not peace.


Anonymous said...

I wonder has the war ever ceased? Since Genghis Khan, since Cain and Able? Is it like the messy soup that spills out onto the table you just cleaned up? Will war ever stop? Is it a just deity that looks down upon his creation and does nothing, lazy in his omnipresence or are we like ants in the ground fighting with the invaders who only seek or spoils. I wonder how we have survived this life with nothing but the pain of it's existence?

rhbee said...

What gives one pleasure gives another pain.

The same old, same old human refrain.

But separate is as separate does and letting them win gives no gain.

Meanwhile, the question posed by you and W.T. Tyler "Are we but The Ants of God" still remains.