Monday, March 23, 2009

Goodbye Galactica, Hello Earth . . .

Do you believe in second chances? Does starting over appeal? This question posed supposes the weariness of human kind with the struggle, with the constant wars over who's the right, with the weight of all of our accomplishments and, with the answer still somewhere out there in our stars.

So, was it a trick ending? A St. Elsewhere snow globe in a child's hand? Who knows? Have we been here or somewhere else like this before? God's plan - we start in a garden and end with ruins. The Statue of Liberty lying in the sand.

You know there is some truth to the weariness thing. I know I am tired of our failure to reason out a way for us all to live with just enough and no more. Tired to the death with the constant tearing down, the constant obstinacy of politics.

Battlestar Galactica not hope just dreams.

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