Friday, March 25, 2005

What can I say?

The days roll past, the stats pile up, the ugly turns beautiful just because it outlasts.

More and more I hear the words "You know I have to give Bush credit." The New York Times, Bill Maher, my earnest neighbor at the coffee shop.

And I want to shout yes, give him credit for using your fear, and your willing lack of thought, your incredible laziness and sloth.

But what difference would one more shouting voice make?

You know I have to give him credit.


L said...

give him credit for what?!?

I'm totally mystified.... credit for being the AntiChrist?


R said...

Credit for managing to take whatever shit we pile up at his door and turn it into "It's hard work" and all the other twisted ways the words get flipped to blame the messenger instead of the mess. The way his use of dope turns out to win him the vote. The way he avoided war by joining the National Guard. The way he can claim to be born again and still authorize the deaths of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afganistan. I have to give him credit for pulling all that and more off. But that does not mean he has any credibility with me except for being what he is.